“Default” is more than just a word, it’s a way of life. Sparse, relatively evenly trimmed greens, browns and sand is the default lawn in Florida. Seventy six degrees is the default temperature on my expensive, programmable thermostat. “Make it shorter” is a default hairstyle. “Whatever you’d like” is the default husband answer.

One of the default settings on my “blog” software is “no Creative Common’s License” (a canned copyright statement). I thought long and hard about changing this one. Part of me would be honored to be plagiarized. It would presuppose two things; one: I’ve written something original myself; and two: I’ve written something someone thought worthy of copying – that they thought well enough of to represent as their own. The only better affirmation I can think of is a big fat book deal; but since it’s unseasonably warm in hell this year I don’t think my snowball is going anywhere (one more thing I can blame on global warming).

Then I thought to myself, “let’s cut to the chase. What’s this all about?” Then it came to me: ego. Blogging has brought back self absorption, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Jane Fonda put on her first pair of leg warmers. Pray tell: what says “I’m special” like copyrighting your hobby? It used to be cell phones; but a lack thereof has ascended to the level of social disability. (Having one isn’t so special if everyone else has one too.)

In the words of Abby Hoffman (sort of), STEAL THIS BLOG! (Pretty please?) You see I’ve just thought of something in between asserting copyright and a big fat book deal… suing someone for copyright infringement. Pretty sweet, eh?

Hey, we all have our dreams…

Give the gift of words.