Coffee and sweets

Factoid number 1: There are more Dunkin Donuts per square mile in New Hampshire than good drivers (based on personal observation).
Factoid number 2: There are more Starbucks per square mile in Florida than drivers under 65 (based on personal observation).
Factoid number 3: The most typical Starbucks customer is an urban, liberal woman under 50 (based on statistical analysis).
Factoid number 4: The most typical Dunkin Donuts customer is a rural/suburban, conservative man over 65 (based on statistical analysis).

All of this clarifies why I feel a little emasculated when I order my Grande Cafe Vanilla Frappachino. However, I still have nary a clue how such a bastion of progressiveness thrives in the adoptive home of Jeb, in God’s waiting room no less!

Give the gift of words.