Squirm like your life depended on it

Have you ever seen a scene in a movie like this? Bad guy number 1 is holding down a good guy from behind, while bad guy number two is slowly approaching with a glowing hot poker (or some other glowing hot instrument at the end of a long handle). If the good guy is not a “tough guy,” the scene usually involves some violent struggling (to get free) as B.G. 2 gets close.

A strikingly similar scene plays out every time my daughter needs a shot (or blood drawn). This is why I think allergy shots for Beth will be a spectacularly bad idea. How would you like to play the role of “bad guy number one” every week? A number of health care professionals (several of which specialized in children) have reassured us by saying: “lots of kids… (fill in the blank), but they come around.” The funny thing is: many of them only say it once. Why could that be?

I wonder what Beth would choose, if she were given the choice? Sure, her nose runs and itches a little… but I’ll bet she’d pick that (pun intended) over a weekly interrogation scene (without the questions) at the allergist’s office.

I’m debating what to tell my daughter when the inevitable question comes up: “is this going to hurt?” Being a needle wimp myself, as well as a father that likes to be honest whenever possible, I can’t just say “no.” Then again I’m not sure I can be completely honest…. “Well Beth, that depends on which nurse you get. If you get (censored) it feels kind of like she’s using a needle meant for a sperm whale; but even that wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t feel like she was having a seizure right in the middle of giving you the injection. Otherwise, with everyone else it just feels like a little pinch.”

All of these questions and more will be answered this afternoon, one way or another. Goody for me.

Give the gift of words.