Upton update

With yet another Rays loss last night, I went fishing for some good news.

BJ Upton, one of the Rays’ top twenty fielding short stops this year, was moved to third base 12 games ago. The move was made possible with the acquisition of another short stop prospect via trade with Houston. Prior to the trade and subsequent move to 3B, Upton had an error per game rate of .318 (28 errors in 88 games played). Since the move to third base, he has an error per game rate of .167 (2 errors in 12 games played).

Could this be a sign of things to come? Will Upton make Rays fans forget names like Smith, Sandberg, Castilla, Gonzalez, Blum, and Huff?

Then again, are either 27 or 51 projected errors in a season acceptable?

Give the gift of words.