20/20 hindsight

I always felt a little odd when I heard a celebrity plugging their favorite charity. Maybe I just have a hard time believing the sincerity of someone who looks like they’re dressing for a part in a in a Stanley Kubrick movie.

Now I hear that Mr. Sunglasses himself (when you’re cool the sun shines on you 24 hours a day) has engaged in a little good old fashioned hypocrisy. I’m talking about Bono, the man with more causes than global warming. One minute he’s pushing his native country (Ireland) to do more about global poverty, the next minute he’s moving his production company’s headquarters to the Netherlands to avoid paying taxes on the royalties of his songs.

Maybe he could put more energy into making cheap clothes hip, allow his earnings to be taxed like the rest of us, and put his own money where his mouth is. Maybe then I could take celebrities and the charity du jour more seriously.

Give the gift of words.