Would you like an apple?

I thought I would check the site out from work during a break in the action, to see what it looks like through Windows. For those of you not in the know, web pages can look different with different browsers – even on the same computer, under the same operating system. So it wasn’t a big surprise when this page looked different on my Windows PC at work, via Internet Explorer. It was a bit of a surprise to find that the page was somewhat broken.

You’re supposed to see a smorgasbord of archives in the right-hand sidebar. Instead, it appears at the bottom of the page in Windows IE.

Mac users will find that the archives appear in the correct position, in both Safari and Firefox.

Who would have thunk it? WordPress apparently is aware of the problem, but I’m not terribly worried.

**Note: forget what I just said. It was only partially Windows IE. Changing the window size (making it bigger) made everything better. If you’re having trouble, just go out and buy a bigger monitor.

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