Coming soon to a pandemic near you

There’s a sign on the inside of the door to my office (not my door, but the main door) which says:

During Flu Season: 1. cover your mouth when you cough, 2. wash your hands often….

Pretty common sense stuff, right? ‘Tis better to infect a single hand than the air we share. Or is it? What becomes of this hand? Do you rush off to the bathroom to disinfect, with the greater good foremost in your mind? Or, do you walk around touching things? And what of those that have their own office? Sure, the fine mist which settles between the keys is a little unsightly, but isn’t the infection pretty much contained to the single office?

Who among you with a nagging cough rushes off every time to wash your hands afterwards anyway? You could spend all day walking back and forth between your desk and the bathroom. Nothing would get done all day….


Maybe there’s something to this after all.

Note: the author would like to formally retract everything above. Covering your mouth when you cough and hand washing is good. Getting nothing done at work is bad… in the long term anyway. In the short term it can be a whole lot of fun ;)

Give the gift of words.