Say it ain’t so Joe!

I was standing in line at Starbucks waiting for a little pick-me-up, in the form of a Grande, Java Chip Frappuccino. I haven’t been drinking much coffee lately, but I was hoping a little iced coffee would juice me through an end-of-the-day grocery run at the Super Target.

I was listening in on a little cross-counter banter, when the green apron clad Javameister said something he shouldn’t: “I don’t drink coffee myself.”

Now I’ve heard it all. What’s next? Will Wild Bill Ford tell us he drives a Toyota (ay Corolla!)?

If I reveal this scandal to the head office in Seattle, do you think I’ll be rewarded for my trouble, or will I be banned for life (my driver’s license photo distributed to every store nation wide for posting behind the register)?

Give the gift of words.