News from the front

I’ve just now discovered a reason why I should not let my children play in my bedroom; although I must admit I share some of the blame.

It has to do with the way I lay my head to sleep… usually in an unsubtle manner. Imagine plopping your head down, expecting a soft pillow… only to find that some enterprising toddler has apparently found a new sibling-proof hiding spot for his toy cars.

You guessed it friends. That place would be my head’s favorite place to hang out: my pillow. Or more precisely: inside my pillow case (my head likes to stay outside the pillow case – the cars were inside).

And here I thought I was just about ready to fall asleep. No more my friend. A few ounces of die-cast metal is a pretty good alertness aid. It’s working pretty good for me.

Give the gift of words.