Happy Birthday!

You got me, it’s not my birthday. As far as I know, no one I know has a birthday today. All of this begs the question: have I finally found an edge and fallen off?

Sometime between March and May of 1997, Apple Computer started shipping a piece of hardware they called the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM for short). By my way of reconning, we’re in still in the 10th anniversary window of one of my favorite computers.

That’s right friends, it’s the tenth anniversary of the Twentieth Anniversary Mac (give or take a month or so). In this age of contrived holidays, I think my aging beauty is worthy of a little recognition. In this age of commodity computers, the fact that my TAM is still alive and kicking is a testament to the company that made it. The fact that I still use a ten year old computer on a daily basis… well now I’m getting a little redundant. Please excuse my enthusiasm.

Like I need a reason to loaf… but my pump is particularly primed this morning. Yesterday was our 13th wedding anniversary. With anniversaries already on my mind, today is the perfect day to celebrate another one.

In honor of this event, I’m typing this entry up on the old girl. Posting will be delayed though. I’ll have to transport it via flash drive to my trusty PowerBook at home. (Having my own computer in the office is at best a dark shade of gray… and it’s certainly not allowed to be connected to the network. Hell, we’re not even allowed to have flash drives for Pete’s sake. Now that I invoke his name… who the heck is Pete?)

With iTunes pumping crisp music through the TAM’s Bose sound system… I’m the envy of the office (and if I’m not, I should be).

We don’t need no stinking ear buds here!

My camera phone strikes again.

Give the gift of words.