Maybe someone does love me

There are other government departments which make ours look like a well oiled machine. Heck, my phone company makes my department look like a well oiled machine. This is not to say we aren’t good at what we do… most of the time, I just couldn’t resist tweaking my wife on the subject.

It wasn’t long ago when I asked for a simple thank you. Well ask and ye shall receive! I got an email at work today that our Governor designated the week of May 7th – 13th as Public Service Recognition Week, to “… recognize the dedication, talents and contributions made by public employees working in all levels of government.”

Then I noticed that today was the 15th.

By it’s very nature, recognition is kind of retroactive (sort of), but this…? What’s next? Maybe there will be a follow-up message that the Governor had cake for everyone, and it tasted really good.

Give the gift of words.