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Sucks like an American vacuum plugged into a European power outlet

The Euros run more juice through their sockets, right?

No matter. Fact checking is for sissies (as they say on The Report).

The latest word from the good doctor is “wait,” as in, “we’re going to have to wait before we send you home.”

Here’s a few more words he used: “next,” “week,” “uncomfortable,” and the ever popular “estimating” (when used in conjunction with “uncomfortable”).

I don’t feel it’s appropriate for me to discuss how I’ve been feeling, owing to it’s graphic nature; but I’m perfectly willing to toss around some euphemisms, if that will satisfy any latent curiosity floating around. For example: my food processor has been having problems north and south of the border. What would otherwise be normal deposits at the nearby collection center feel like the battery is somehow leaking into the exhaust. And there’s a wild, half clean animal all wound up and skulking around as if he were chained down in a cage during mating season.

Like everything else, it could all be much worse. Tomorrow I can look forward to tooling around with the Reunion software upgrade I bought this evening.

Here’s to life’s simple pleasures.

The truly good news is that the chemo is done. It hasn’t quite finished having it’s way with my body’s rapidly reproducing cells, but the corner is nigh! Shots of Neupogen have begun, to try to boost the production of my white blood cells (they tell me a count of 200 is low). And, I learned a new word today: Thrush. (Truth be told, I had heard of a bird referred to as a “Thrush.”) In this case, Thrush is a fungual infection in a person’s mouth, made possible due to immunosuppression. There’s another place this fungal infection can attack (in the non-immunosuppressed), but I have a few sensibilities, and I don’t want to discuss it.

So there!

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  1. What was the one and only funny line from “The Devil Wears Prada?” Some fashionista says: “I’m one stomach flu away from my goal weight.” :-) Glad to hear the chemo’s done. It’s all uphill now! Take care.

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