And now for something a little lighter

The Rays game was on in the background as I fiddled with the trusty PowerBook. The Rays were down their customary 3-4 runs after 3 innings when I was finishing up the last entry.

Then I looked up and saw Greg Norton smack one over the fence, and my brain said, “that’s got ‘you’re such a big, strong bat… and I deserve a spanking’ written all over it. And that’s no small feat, considering baseballs are pretty small, and there isn’t a whole lot of room for a lot of dialog.”

I’ll bet you had no idea you were going to be reading an R rated post about baseball this evening, did you?

Must be the Vicodin again.

P.S. It’s hard to believe I hadn’t taught my spell check dictionary the spelling for “Vicodin” by now.

P.P.S. Has there ever been a rookie gold glove winner; and if so, does fieldwork not directly related to catching (arm strength, accuracy, and assists) qualify you for one?

Give the gift of words.