She’s killing me with kindness

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know all about cancerboy… so I won’t rehash my physical condition to date.

But keeping it in mind, how do you suppose my body would respond to a sudden spike in physical activity? That’s where my wife comes in. She thought it would be a great idea to get me a Wii for father’s day. She gave it to me tonight so we’d all have the weekend to give it a workout.

Mind you, this afternoon I worked up the energy to do some laundry for the first time. Now, it’s Wii-Day, H-Hour + 4, and I’ve worked up a sweat, I feel like I could puke, and I have tennis elbow.

And tomorrow I’ll do it to myself all over again. It’s that much fun.

I wonder if there’s a warning label in the manual somewhere, advising consumers that they should consult with their physician before starting a Wii regimen of activity.


  1. I would just like to point out:

    a) My blog entry (seen above) has an earlier post time even with the time zone shift.

    b) I had no clue that you were going to be the proud papa to a new Wii.

    c) While my title and content were vaguely aimed with you in mind all situational similarities are purely coincidental.

    Firing up my RSS reader this morning to catch up on the news, I was delighted with your recreational news and struck with the irony of my last post. My level of ‘Wii-votion’ nearly rivals my devotion to Apple.

    If you have gotten so far as to get your Wii online yet, we’ll have to trade Wii numbers and Miis. There is nothing like having your Wii Sports baseball team filled with family and friends.

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