PowerBook or MacBook Pro?

There is no question which one I’d choose given the choice… I’ll take a MacBook Pro please. Still, there’s something about my PowerBook. Look no further than the name… now that’s gravitas baby!

I suppose with a name like PowerBook, there was nowhere to go but down.

You know what this was really about? I was just reading about my cousin’s infatuation with his MacBook Pro… and this is a thinly veiled attempt to reconcile the fact that he has one and I don’t.

Normally I’m a needs over wants kind of guy… or I like to think so anyway. Sadly, I must admit my computer is the exception.


  1. I’ll admit that I have a special place in my heart for my 12″ PowerBook. I’ve only used two other laptops for an extended period of time… a Dell (but only because I had to at work) and a 12″ G3 iBook (the second incarnation of the “iceBook”). While I’ve never truly gotten used to trackpads, the keyboard on my PowerBook is my favorite keyboard… period. Everything about my PowerBook says “I’m well conceived and built.” The case is solid, it sits flat on a table (without a shim to prop up a corner), and it doesn’t creak when it’s moved.

    Any portable that takes it’s place will have big shoes to fill. Alas, the poor gal is getting a bit long in the tooth for some of my heavy lifting. The good news is, I foresee at least a few more years of utility as a goofing around machine (browsing, email and their ilk).

  2. First off, my condolences on your lock-in to the Evil-Wireless-Company-who-shall-not-be-named. I have lived without a personal celly for over a year in the hopes that the jPhone will be even half of what the hype says it will be.

    As much as I am truly smitten with my MBP, the road has not been paved with gold the whole way. I have had to take it to the Apple Store on several occasions. The last was a drop off which kept it away from me for a week for a complete overhaul. The only original part is the chassis. I’ve had the power brick replaced twice because of poor quality control. Plus, as an early adopter I miss out on the Core 2 Duo action and the firewire 800.

    Vista runs like a dream though (*ick* I feel dirty just thinking that) and Parallels is great when you don’t want to reboot just to get your paperwork done. In fact all of our PC consultants have MacBooks now. (while the Mac consultants get MBPs)

    But, not a day goes by that I don’t miss my little 12 inch PowerBook. Sure the MBP is lighter and thinner, but it had a much smaller footprint. I could easily hold it in one hand and type with the other. It would fit in any bag with a simple wrap to protect it. That little guy was so well used that I had started working the powder coat paint off of the palm rests to expose the bare aluminium.

    Not often, but every once in a while I still would like to bust out a Classic app which I can no longer do…

    I always tell my clients to go and check out the refurbs on Apple’s site. You can pick up a MacBook or last gen PowerBook for a great price and still get a full warranty.

    And don’t get me frothy on the pros and cons of 10.5…

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