Slow and steady

Today was the first day since the chemotherapy started that I can honestly say I enjoyed. No, the cancerboy isn’t back to 100 percent; not even 75 if truth be told. There was this unfortunate incident with a plunger and a toilet that I don’t even want to talk about, other than to say the ordeal left me physically drained.

Although, working out your plumbing related issues with the business end of a big stick could do that to anyone.

The secret to today’s upswing was striking a bit of genealogical gold. I’ve been doing a little work trying to find/obtain documentation to back up my prior research… and today several pieces fell together. I had a pretty strong indication that a few of my ancestors fought in the American Revolution, but I’d had trouble finding the documents to prove it. Today it all fell together.

My wife thinks this is positively wonderful, and my daughter should apply for membership with the Daughters of the American Revolution as soon as she’s eligible (you have to be 18). I’m not sure I share her enthusiasm. Maybe it’s just me, but the whole thing seems a little pretentious… not to mention the group has a history of racial discrimination.

In any case, I’m happy as a clam just knowing.

Give the gift of words.