Adam’s big day

You probably don’t know this because I probably didn’t tell you; and you probably didn’t care, so I probably didn’t see the need. However, you are here and you’ve come this far (though why I’ll never know), so I’ll get on with my tale.

Adam’s sitter dropped a bomb on us last week, saying she didn’t think “things were working out,” and suggesting (in a manner suggesting she wasn’t making a suggestion at all) that we might want to make other arrangements. She assured us that Adam wasn’t misbehaving – he just didn’t seem happy. Apparently he was sulking most of the time… not crying or sobbing, but definitely unhappy. This was a bit of a surprise, since Adam always told me he had fun when I picked him up, he always seemed happy, and the sitter always told me he did “pretty good” each day (although in hindsight I suppose it could have been he was happy to see me because it meant it was time to leave).

Anyway, this all went down last week – Tuesday to be precise. We did a quick recognizance of the local day care centers, put the feelers out to family, and settled on a part-time program at the nearby Montessori academy. I took Adam in on Thursday afternoon and we hung out for a while to let him get a feel for the place. After a few minutes of clinging he was off playing.

But the real test was this morning.

Today he was dropped off for real. He had been talking about “going to big boy school” all weekend, but the proof is in the pudding (or in this case, the baby carrots – they’re not allowed to have sweets packed in their lunch). I’m happy to report the first morning drop off went off without a hitch. Adam said his goodbyes, reassured us “don’t worry, I’ll be good so they don’t have to put me in time out,” and never turned back.

I can’t wait to find out how he does the rest of the day.

Give the gift of words.