Day care status

In case you were wondering, it seems that Adam’s first day at the new school went well. While he was excited to be picked up at the end of the day, he didn’t drop what he was doing, run and cling. He calmly put his toys away and walked over for a hug.

I took this as a really good sign.

Thank goodness!


  1. Becca: You are a VERY BAD daughter-in-law. Do you call her up to report things like: Today, he learned to say Torah?Repeat after me: I love Barbara! I love Barbara! :-) C

  2. Yeah, I know we’re lucky. Finding someplace with an opening, and that he likes seems too good to be true. I’m waiting for my luck to right itself (to something I’m more familiar with).

  3. Wow, that was lucky to get a good school so quickly. I was on waiting lists for several months when my sitch fell through suddenly. My 2-year-old LOVES his new school (although the fact that it’s at a synagogue and he learns “Jewish stuff” irritates the s**t out of my very Catholic mother-in-law…which come to think of it is probably a small(ish) part of why I love it so much) and it’s such a relief to know he’s happy and having fun all day.

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