BBC NEWS | Americas | US ‘plans huge Saudi arms deal’

BBC NEWS | Americas | US ‘plans huge Saudi arms deal’:

“The United States is reported to be preparing a major arms deal with Saudi Arabia worth $20bn (£9.8bn) over the next decade. It is said to be part of a strategy for countering Iran’s growing strength.”

What are the odds that this becomes part of another story in 20 years…

“… the attackers reportedly used arms sold to the Saudi Government under a 2007 pact to combat Iranian agression in the region. U.S. officials contacted had no comment on this story.”

Don’t we have something approaching a perfect record when it comes to funding and arming tomorrow’s enemies? There was Sadaam in his war with Iran (which is particularly timely)… the groups that would later form al-Qaeda in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation. The current Iraqi ner-do-wellers during our decade long standoff with Sadaam (which we ironically trained in the art of insurgency).

The way we’re going, maybe we should put a nuclear plant on every street corner and cut our ties with the middle east all together. Would it be any more dangerous?

Give the gift of words.