An endorsement for Logitech

Do you get soreness in your shoulder from all the lateral movement associated with “mousing.” If so, you might want to try a trackball.

I was a victim of repetitive motion, and the havoc it can wreak on your joints. It had gotten to the point that ibuprofen warranted it’s own line in our budget. A while back I decided to try a different tack. I picked up a twenty dollar track ball at Comp USA… a modest little Logitech number with four times the buttons of my PowerBook track-pad. I have no problem parting with one likeness of Andy Jackson for a shot at input bliss. I liked it so much I bought… a keyboard.

I’m typing up this entry on a wireless Logitech keyboard. The trusty PowerBook is still hooked up to the HDTV (a holdover from doing a pinch of work from home).

Now I wonder if I’m doomed to trade a little tendinitis in my shoulder for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Give the gift of words.