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Nothing new to see here… just the silly way we elect a president

I’m quite the cynic this morning…

The two party political system has been in Florida news a lot lately. The reason? Florida has entered the absurd race to hold one of the nation’s first presidential primaries. Florida’s decision to enter the fray is particularly silly, since the Florida date is decided by the Florida state legislature, and they’re only in session for two months in the spring. Given the state of things, what was the chance that other states were going sit idle after Florida moved it’s date? Early May to November is a long time. In fact, it appears Michigan’s state legislature has just decided to leap-frog Florida (to January 15th).

This is a perfect example of the necessity of a strong Federal government. Left to their own devices, the states are turning our election process into a (bigger) joke.

For those not in the know, the move of the Florida date is particularly insidious. The Florida Legislature is controlled by an overwhelming Republican majority. However, the Democratic party has decided to sanction states who hold their primaries earlier than a certain date (I think it’s something like February 5th). The national Republican party apparatus has no such sanction. What is the sanction being threatened by the Democratic Party? They’re not going to count all or some Florida’s delegates at the convention (when the Democratic candidate is officially nominated/selected).

Effectively (pending almost certain litigation), the Republican led state legislature has disenfranchised all registered Democrats in the state of Florida (assuming the Florida primary will have any meaning anyway… due to every other state jumping over Florida between now and November).

Once again, Florida becomes the nation’s electoral joke… and this one isn’t particularly funny either. This is one of those times when I hate living here. There are those of you who might suggest moving… and Cheryl has frequently tossed around same idea. As you may already know, I can’t risk leaving behind my health insurance (with a possible re-emergence of my cancer looming, and temporary exclusions for pre-existing conditions common). So you’re stuck with me, and I with all of you.

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