Another first day

I brought my daughter to school today, continuing a five year trend. Summer vacation ended, and fifth grade started today.

Every year I feel really bad that summer vacation is over. While I want them to go to school and soak up every last bit of wisdom, I want them to be happy too… and who doesn’t think summer vacation is fun?

Last year I did a mental double-take realizing Beth was starting fourth grade, so I can’t be that surprised that one more year has passed, can I? Then again, I can’t help but wonder how many more times I’ll get to take her to school on a “first day,” or how many times she’ll want me to. Being a parent to young kids can be a blast. To them you are the coolest thing going. But something dark and sinister is lurking… adolescence. My cool days are getting scarce. Some day soon I’ll be “the old man.”

Give the gift of words.