Proving nothing

There are lots of studies that prove nothing, but how often do you see them reported in the news?

Actually, this is an important study in one respect… it’s proof that I was right (restoring the natural order), and it’s timely (given the start of school today – in these parts): it makes no difference wether Beth does her homework on her bed.

Here’s to me.

McClatchy Washington Bureau | 08/21/2007 | Does studying in bed hurt grades?

So what did Gifford discover in his eight-college study habit survey titled “The Bed or the Desk?”

“No difference between them” when it came to GPA, Gifford and his psychology department mentor, Robert Sommer, wrote in the May 1968 issue of Personnel and Guidance Journal. It’s the only widely known serious examination of the bed-desk question.

Gifford and Sommer found that of the above-average scholars surveyed, half studied at their desks and half studied on their beds. Among the below-average students, 47 percent studied abed and 53 percent studied at their desks.


  1. I don’t think I ever had one place. I think I was too fidgety to stay in one place for any length of time. My daughter really prefers not to do it at all… but that’s probably where the TV comes in ;-)

  2. I was always a bed guy. Sitting at the desk seemed too much like work.

    Unfortunately my daughter chooses neither the bed nor the desk, but rather the TV—which wasn’t part of the study.

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