My dirty little secret

I bought frozen dinners to tide me over this week. Yep, all that talk about wanting to cook was nothing but a pile of steaming, reconstituted potato flakes.

With the kids gone with my wife to the Kauffman Family (v 2.2.2) ancestral home, I could have used the down time to hone my budding craft. Instead, I took the opportunity to slide deeper into laziness.

On the bright side, I saw something on the side of my “Amy’s Shepherd’s Pie” which was mildly amusing. Unlike my genetic kind, I typically read the directions thoroughly before undertaking any task (I think I can hear Cheryl bringing up her drink through her nose from here). The last step in the directions (after baking in a pre-heated, 400 degree oven for 45 minutes) read:

“For best taste, wait two minutes before eating.”

For best taste? Is the taste really going to improve with two minutes of cooling? Is Amy trying to pull a con, for our soft tissue’s sake? What’s wrong with the honest approach… something like: “if you eat this product right after you take it out of the oven you’re going to burn the shit out of your mouth.”

I think I’ll send Amy an email.

Give the gift of words.