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I’m a little worried about the follow-up with the Oncologist tomorrow. I was supposed to go last Tuesday, but I forgot. Then I was supposed to go on Thursday, but the doctor forgot (either that or they are a vengeful lot).

I know the recovery process can be slow, but I’m worried that I’m feeling worse these last couple weeks instead of better. It could be the stress, with my mom back in the hospital and my support system taking a vacation… but I’ll feel a little better having a little science on my side, in the form of up-to-date blood counts.

In the mean time, my head is screaming for another prescription strength pain killer. If I were a smart person, I’d take my head’s pleas seriously… and stop staring at this bright screen.

So much for being smart.

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  1. Hope your visit went well.

    Did you ever stop to think that you might just wake from the dream of your most recent events to find yourself back in a more comfortable time?

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