How young is too young to commit?

How many of you started reading this post thinking it was criminal justice related? Come on, give it up. You thought this was another political rant, didn’t you?

No friends, this one’s just fluff… a cotton-candy piece, if you will.

What I really want to know is this: has the wiring of the brain of a three-year-old boy gelled enough to pick his own paint color for his room? I ask this because we let him pick, and he picked navy blue… a really dark, navy blue. The color swatch at the hardware store called it “Decadent Blue,” but I call it “an hour after sunset.” Does the boy understand how dark his room’s going to be, and if not – how’s this going to affect our electricity bills?

Well, we actually bought the stuff, and we’ve even put up three coats. And no, we’re still not done. We wanted to paint his room because it was white, and somehow it just seems wrong to leave walls white these days. You might think white is pretty inoffensive, but over time it feels like an emotion retardant. Of course now we’re painting a REALLY dark color over the supreme ruler of all light colors. In every other room we’ve been done after three coats. Hell, some only required two.

I put up number four on a small wall this evening, and I can already see spots that are going to need five.

Oh man is it dark. I just know I’m going to be laying five layers of the lighter stuff any day now.


  1. I’m glad to hear that he has such sophisticated tastes. If it becomes too dark, you can always use it for a background and put lighter design elements on top. Plus, colors on that end of the spectum are calming colors. Had he picked a bright energetic color, I might have been more worried.

    Then again, it is just paint. Easily changed. Out here in the big Wis, it seems like we are helping paint some room in someones house more often than is truely needed. Discussions of paint swatches and trips to Home Depot for more of the same are a regular occurance.

    I’m going to suggest Adam’s new color to Bethany for our next project.

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