The coolest thing

My dad put me on to this one… a bamboo bike frame. Supposedly it compares favorably to carbon fiber in both strength, performance, and weight. I think it’s just about the coolest thing I’ve seen in months, and I don’t usually impress very easily.

(Click the image to see a much bigger pic. From Calfee Design)

bamboo bike


  1. Yeah, my dad said he thought he saw it on one of the Discovery channels. It is pretty expensive, but I don’t think it’s too out of whack for what a custom frame goes for (not that I’ve ever bought a custom frame)… and these bad boys are strictly custom jobs, built to your measurements.

    I wonder how much plasma I’d have to sell…

  2. I saw this on TV the other night. I thought it was pretty neat. Even thought of you when I saw it. Then I saw the price list….Oh Man! Might as well get the Hummer. But, when you do something that no one else can do, I guess you can get the big bucks.

    Darn thing doesn’t even have pedals…..


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