My grand re-opening


Cheryl and the kids wanted to take a trip to Busch Gardens Friday afternoon, and I finally gave in and went along. My white cell count is still low, but I kind of like the idea of the kids having a few fond memories of me doing fun stuff with them.

I even felt adventurous enough to bring our old camera along. Sure, we’ve already got tons of pictures of the place, some going back almost thirty years, but I can’t deny Adam the joy of reliving a trip just because I’ve seen it all before. When Beth was younger she used to love seeing the pictures from a day trip… even if it was just a few hours ago. It’s been one of the boons of digital photography, as far as I’m concerned. Beth will pull up iPhoto and cycle through all those pictures over and over, telling anyone who’ll listen the story behind every pic. She’s done it ever since she knew how to use a mouse… which was about when she was three.


Now it’s Adam’s turn.

Adam was a bit cranky this afternoon after his nap, and it didn’t seem like anything was going to cheer him up. Then inspiration struck. “Hey Adam, you want to see that picture of you and Beth on the motorcycles yesterday?”

It was like he had a “whimper” switch on his forehead, and someone turned it off. Just like that he was his perky self, bouncing off the bed to see himself on the big screen.

I might as well toss one more in here:


Adam is partial to hippos these days. And besides, how often do you get to see a hippo out of water?

I’m toying around with image orientation on this post. So you have my apologies if this turns out a hard to read mess.

By the way, the “travel” tag is a bit of a stretch, but this is the closest I’ve come in a while (not counting the Chattahoochee trip).

Give the gift of words.