Now that I’ve listened

I could have waited to post this tomorrow. I should have waited to post this tomorrow. I can’t believe how much I’ve done today, and still posted several entries along the way. The amazing thing has been it all seemed relatively effortless (and for that line, my wife is going to smother me in my sleep). My energy level is really improving.

Anyway, on with the post…

I felt an obligation to admit to you I thought Dana Perino was being a pretty good sport on NPR this weekend. Well, maybe I don’t have to admit it, but I will anyway. I listened to the podcast during the mind numbing task I call “going through the mail” (at work). What, you call it that too?

After listening to her appearance myself (I know – I’m breaking new ground for this site – commenting on stuff I’ve actually experienced first hand) I decided it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought. Plus, with a little bit of time I’ve discovered a little bit of perspective. When you consider the other news lately: banging the drum for war in Persia (despite a few setbacks with little things I like to call “facts”) and the suspicious destruction of video torture evidence by the CIA; the issue of wether a White House Press Secretary can answer a multiple choice question about the Cold War seems a little insignificant.

Yeah, you didn’t think I was really going to leave it at that did you?

It seems insignificant unless you consider these are the people we must rely on to handle those larger issues. January 2009 seems like a long time from now. What’s really depressing is it seems immigration is shaping up to be the 2008 successor to gay marriage, the GOP contrived boogeyman to rally the worst impulses of the electorate in the next election cycle. I cringe inside every time I hear the word “immigration” on the news. It’s like a little piece of my optimism dies every time.

Give the gift of words.