Someday he’ll stop saying that

Beth is learning about electricity this week, along with some of the basic physics involved. So it looks like this week I’m teaching physics!

If you’ve got a school aged child, you too may be familiar with the task of filling in the teaching gaps.

We started out kind of backwards, because for some reason her assignment/textbook addressed conductors and resistors BEFORE it covered electrons. Makes perfect sense, right? This meant we discussed conductors, resistors and their kin over dinner prep; leaving electrons… and the basic anatomy of an atom for the dinner table.

It’s funny how life works… my fate left to some textbook publisher.

So we got to talking about electrons, and Cheryl made some comment about protons. “Yeah,” Beth said. “We talked about both of them in school today. They had these models of atoms, and they had little red balls for the electrons, and blue ones for the… what are they called again?”

I replied, “Protons Beth, I’m pretty sure the blue balls were protons.”

For some reason Adam, my three year old son, found this part of the conversation absolutely hilarious. He announced: “You’ve got blue balls dad!?!”

I thought I was going to have to perform an emergency procedure on my wife. That kind of laughing can be dangerous at the dinner table.

Now I just hope he doesn’t decide to bring it up at school tomorrow.

Give the gift of words.