Climbing the ladder

My boy Adam is a climber. The only think he likes better than climbing is leaping.

We now pause this entry for a little reconsideration.

On second thought, it’s hard to figure how much a boy likes to climb when he also likes to leap. Think about it.

It’s getting to the point were I’m considering taking Adam’s craft table and chairs out of our family room. It’s a Superman table that sits about 30 inches off the ground… the perfect step stool to get up on the counter top in our family room (and a fitting theme for what he likes to do with it most… or off of it). The counter, sitting about 40 inches off the floor, is the perfect platform to get at our (formerly) child-proof shelves. Said shelves were the perfect place to put all those things we didn’t want a three year old boy to have: scissors, permanent markers, etc.

The little stinker has figured out he can quietly close the family room door in order to mask the sound of his activities.

Give the gift of words.