Floridians redeem themselves

Alright, let’s not get crazy here. We’ve got a long road to travel before we can unload all of our baggage. But… this gives me a little bit of hope.

Poll: Giuliani slips to third in Florida – Miami Herald:

Rudy Giuliani has hit the skids in a Florida freefall that could shatter his presidential campaign and leave a two-man Republican contest in the state between John McCain and Mitt Romney, a Miami Herald poll shows.

Despite hovering over Florida voters for weeks, Giuliani is tied for third place with the scarcely visible Mike Huckabee in a statewide poll of 800 likely voters.

Considering the Huck is campaigning like he’s trying to win some kind of strange bet, to see who can make the most bizarre/frightening statements in two weeks (and he made it with himself), he’s the last person Rudy want’s to be tied with. O.K., maybe that’s not true. Ron Paul is still in the race.

Oh boy! I got my email from the Florida Democratic party reminding me it’s almost our turn (Jan 29th). Let me tell you, there’s no shortage of Florida Democrats who are steamed over the primary issue (having our delegates stripped by the national party). It kind of makes the 29th a little less exciting. Sure, there are still plenty of local matters on the ballot (vote no on amendment one), but it’s still discouraging to be told your vote in the Presidential primary is worthless (thanks to the Republican FL Legislature and the Democratic Party). With the way the races are turning out this time around (with little decided after the first several rounds), I fear it’s much less likely anything will be done to change the primary system before the next go around. Not that there was much chance of that anyway.


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