Hide the silverware!

We’ve lived in our house for almost ten years. For all that time we’ve had locks on the drawers in our kitchen, socket covers on our electrical outlets, and cabinet locks on our… well… cabinets.

Why so long? We moved into our house when Beth was one. When Beth got to an age when they could come off we decided to have another child, so we left them on thinking we’d just have to put them back on again (soon). Then the miscarriages came, and I think we might have left them on because taking them off would’ve meant we’d lost hope.

Then Adam finally came along. For the last year or so, Adam has been taking the cabinet locks off to play with the pots and pans… and putting the lock back on when he’s done. (Does anyone else have a lot of ceramic tile in their house? Does anyone else have permanent tinnitus from the sound of stainless steel pots banging on their ceramic tile?)

Maybe it’s time to finally take off the locks. We’d hate to inconvenience the little guy.

Give the gift of words.