What would you do to stay awake?

The nasty bugs of winter have finally caught up. We get colds too, even in sub-tropical Florida, and I should know. It’s been impossible to avoid this year. Everyone around me is falling victim to this latest epidemic of sniffling misery. In a way I’m glad I was able to avoid it for this long. It suggests my immune system is making a comeback. However, my experience tells me winter colds are inevitable, and that means all my suffering is ahead of me. If I could have caught this one on the front end I’d be clearing my throat of the last remnants of phlegm right now. My body would be strictly in distribution mode, instead of working overtime on production. As it is, I’m just now getting to that point when us non-smokers find out what our voice would sound like if we did smoke. My voice is a touch deeper from the congestion, with just a pinch of rasp from the abuse my vocal cords get from all the nighttime coughing.

Speaking of production, I’m struggling to get something done for work, and energy is at a premium. That’s why I’m not rinsing my coffee mug this morning. The oatmeal is going right into this morning’s coffee remains. Aren’t you glad I’m sharing THAT with you? The caffeine content of fortified oatmeal is probably negligible at best, but I’m hoping score a little placebo action.

You feeling me?

Give the gift of words.