Swan song in the sunshine state

Even with the move of our primary date (to today), I wouldn’t have guessed it would still be relevant. I know Florida is a big state with a lot of delegates. I know it’s been pivotal in recent elections. Still, I thought most nominations were sown up by the time South Carolina had its say. I hear some of my fellow Floridians with “listed” phone numbers are inundated by push polls, and our airwaves are littered with political ads, as the candidates wage a pitched battle to remain relevant.

And to think I’ve wasted this opportunity by ditching my land-line and avoiding television during these dark days of the writer’s strike.

Somebody quick! Please manipulate me!

I showed up at the polls this afternoon and had the place to myself. You would have never guessed both nominations were up for grabs; or for that matter, that there was an important state constitution amendment on the ballot. Oh yeah, there was also a local tax related item on the ballot related to school funding.

You know, little stuff… the kinds of things that will have a direct and immediate effect on our lives.

My wife went in a little later and had the place to herself too.

“Has it been like this all day?” She asked one of the poll workers.

“Yeah, and there have been almost no Democrats.”

DOAH! On behalf of my fellow Florida liberals, I feel ashamed.

On the upside, it looks like we may finally bid adieu to Rudy. He’s been like a guy you invite over to watch the game on Sunday and he ends up living above your garage for the next six months. It seems like he’s been here long enough to satisfy the residency requirements to run for governor.

(Shiver) Jeez, I think I may have peed my pants. That’s a scary thought.

Give the gift of words.