Power to the children!


Have you ever had a toilet seat break under you? I don’t mean a broken hinge or a couple screws coming loose, I mean the thick part of the seat cracking through – making two pieces where once there was one. It never happened to me before either… until this week. (Assuming of course, it hasn’t happened to you.)

It led to Cheryl’s briefing on Wednesday morning…
“John, your mission today – wether you accept it or not – is to pick up a new toilet seat for the kid’s bathroom.” I gave her my trademark mock-scowl before I wrote myself a note on my Palm (else I would have surely forgotten).

All of this has very little to do with what I really wanted to tell you this evening… I just thought the post could use a little more flavor.

Anyhoo, there’s a little hardware store just on the other side of our neighborhood, so I figured I’d just pop in on my way home after picking up Adam. I love giving my kids a sense of empowerment, so I told Adam he could pick out the seat we’d get. I didn’t even see the blue acrylic (almost transparent) seat with an ocean theme until he hauled it off the shelf and declared, “this one daddy!”

I can’t say I would have picked it out on my own, but it’s growing on me. Best of all, Adam is extremely proud of his selection. It’s one more thing in the house that dad did with the kids, something that truly makes it OUR home. Well, that’s my hope anyway.

Give the gift of words.