Movie time

Beth has been hounding me for a new movie for months. Me and Adam sat in front of the iMac for a while the other day and pieced this one together real quick. I’m hesitant to post it, seeing as how I come across as a complete fool (which is my nature), but so far it’s a hit at our house with the kids, and looking like a fool has never stopped me from posting my every thought here before.

Oh well, despite my better judgement… here it is.

You think peer pressure was tough has a child, kid pressure is much, much worse.

As always, there’s more on the movie tab.


  1. What, you mean the Sawks? I can’t help showing the old home town a little love, every now and again. You know I’m a Rays fan though… with all the shame that goes with it.

    It could be a long year if Kaz’s arm gives out. As much grief as folks gave Maddon last year, maybe they should have shut Kaz down earlier last year.

    I hear Longoria has looked pretty good so far (after two games).

  2. Foolish? Maybe because of that shirt that you have on. Other than that all I see is a dad doing a great job with his kid. Look at that smile on Adam.

Give the gift of words.