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There’s no real point to this one, other than to speed up the time it takes for the movie post to disappear (I think only the last ten posts appear on the front page).

I think I mentioned last week that it was finally fall in Florida. Well guess what? It’s only been a week and signs of spring are here! I do really love fall, when we finally get a reprieve from the heat of summer, but there is one part of “spring” I like… the blooming of citrus blossoms. It used to be you could smell them everywhere… until most of the groves around here were bulldozed for subdivisions – and most of the remaining trees were eventually burned to fight one of many citrus canker outbreaks. Still, there are many places you can smell that distinctive sweet smell around this time of year – and one of them is our backyard.

We’ve got three citrus trees: lime, grapefruit, and tangerine. Right now the lime tree is in bloom.

Another bee, another blossom
Bee and blossom

Oh, I just love it. It’ll be even better when we can pick some of those limes (which we think may be a variety of key lime – they’re small and a little more yellowish in color than your average lime).


  1. Aw shucks. Thanks Stephen.

    I don’t know that my pictures are that good. I’m almost never happy with the focus (I could probably sharpen up some of them in Photoshop, but I usually don’t have the patience – unless I want to order prints).

    The camera does make big difference to me. I may not take better pictures because of it, but the right camera makes taking pictures more fun (and less of a chore to get it set the way you want for a particular shot).

    The other thing you don’t see when I post a shot I like is the other twenty that I didn’t. I just take a ton of pictures (which is easy for me because it’s fun) and usually a few are bound to come out o.k., just because of the odds.

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