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Kids say

How often does your child say something that takes a while interpret? How often is your first guess wrong, or your second?

This evening we were lounging in the family room, basking in our relative freedom from responsibility (Cheryl and Beth were out on errands), and out of nowhere Adam says, “I’ve got the blues dad.”

My first thought was, “Are they playing B.B. King at daycare?”

“Either that,” I figured, “or he’s a little depressed and his grasp of language rivals mine… and he’s only three.”

A few minutes later he asked, “Can I have another blue one dad?” For some strange reason he likes the fat-free yogurt better than the low-fat, and they come in a blue container.

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  1. I love these things, they make me laugh when I figure them out. And I love when kids say real adult things too. Like yesterday, on our way into the daycare building, I held the door for my son and he said “thanks”. I laughed out loud.

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