Cheap shot?

It’s possible this entry is a little over the top. If it makes you feel any better, it’s a lot calmer than the first half dozen or so drafts.

This is too easy. It might have nothing to do with his qualifications to be President, or everything. Tell me dear reader: is it possible being a maverick in all things can be a liability?

“I don’t need a f—ing computer to tell me what’s what. My mind’s like a steel trap!”

Yes, the article I’ve linked to deals with a whole bunch of stuff, a lot of it unrelated to his google savvy, but it was hard to see through all the glare.

My mother-in-law can hardly work the DVD player we bought her a few years back (bless her heart), but even she sees the value of computers. She’s been able to surf the treacherous waves of the internet for years – unsupervised no less. Hasn’t McCain been a little curious to see what all the PC fuss has been about in the last thirty years? Some folks say this doesn’t reflect a lack of curiosity, so much as a lack of necessity. Sure it doesn’t… not when you have staffers who can pull up web sites and print them out for you. WTF?!? I have this picture in my mind of him looking over his wife’s shoulder, with a petulant look on his face, as she pulls up something on the web she thinks he ought to see.

Am I being unfair? Just because I spend a fair amount of time online, it doesn’t mean everyone should. Then again, maybe he wouldn’t mix up Sunni and Shi’a if he knew how to press a power button and click the little “e” icon on the desktop – assuming he has the misfortune to own a Windows machine. Hell, just having the wrong answer to the Mac or PC question is almost a disqualification by itself. It’s unfathomable a person of his station could answer “neither…” and not mean Linix.

I don’t know how you can spin this in a good way. It either shows a lack of curiosity (re: Bush 2), a stunning lack of initiative (re: lazy), or an old curmudgeon that refuses to change with the times. Do you want any of the above sitting in the oval office, wielding the kind of power Bush has appropriated?

Maybe the jokes about his age aren’t unkind… they’re too kind.

Give the gift of words.