I learned something interesting this weekend on our trip to Orlando. Even if you’re a surgeon, with thirteen years of medical training (give or take a year), some hospitals still insist you to take a CPR class as part of new-hire orientation.

I think they’re really on to something here. I wonder where our stress level would be if more of our employers required a class in reading comprehension, or even better: typing. I really dig waiting on a highly paid professional, watching them hunt and peck through a paragraph. It’s almost as fun as sharpening a pencil with my thumbnail, or cutting my hair with a pair of pliers.

The real question is: how can I draw out this entry more? I mean, come on! My highly trained brother-in-law has to take a CPR course and I can only come up with a few sentences. I’m sitting on blog gold here! Maybe doctors are on to something with this whole sleep thing (us getting it, not them having it). They say caffeine isn’t a substitute for a good night’s sleep, but I usually feel more creative after my daily infusion (re: coffee). I wonder if it’s possible to substitute sleep for caffeine?

Give the gift of words.