An extinction event at Sea World?

dead or alive?

Beth was sure the poor polar bear had expired, but we pointed out it’s chest was still moving.

Trauma averted.


  1. That is an awesome photo! You must have a great camera! I feel guilty enjoying the picture because the poor bear looks so uncomfortable. This is why I don’t believe in zoos!

  2. I hear the folks at Sea World spared no expense for the Arctic exhibit: they shipped the (fake) ice all the way in from Disney. It’s possible the Disney ice (re: plastic) stays pretty cool.

    Bonus fact: they have a display in each observation area reporting the live temperatures on “land and sea.” The air/water in the polar bear area was a positively frigid 60 degrees (F).

    Surely it doesn’t get much colder than 60 degrees in the arctic. I need my fluffy slippers and a warm blankie just thinking about it.

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