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We like Florida, really

I went a little shutter crazy this spring, snapping lots of shots of wonderfully sweet citrus blossoms and gardenias. It’s hard for me to like much about Florida in July (or August, September…), but looking through these pictures the other day reminded me there’s more to Florida than heat and humidity.


I hear gardenias are supposed to be hard to grow, but they’ve been thriving in my yard with nothing but the occasional trim for ten years. They must really like being in the shade of my lime and tangerine trees.

If you want to know where yard work falls on our list of priorities, just ask our lawn.

water sold separately


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  1. I’m not sure there’s anything more pathetic than leaving the first comment on your own post, but I wanted to add something before Cheryl has to bury her head in shame. I have little pride myself, which I find is a good inoculation against shame. The picture above isn’t a good representation of our whole yard. It’s the worst spot. Our lawn isn’t great but it isn’t quite that bad, considering it only gets the water that falls from the sky. For a place with a lot of swamps, we don’t get all that much rain – although we’re just getting into our rainy season. Xeriscaping is big in parts of Florida, but I like to think of my yard as “taking it to the next level.”

    I give you Zeroscaping.

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