Easily pleased

To gain the proper perspective, imagine I wrote this post two months ago (on a Thursday). I assure you it’s purely hypothetical.

I was a victim of my own folly. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Don’t tell me it doesn’t. I’ll turn this post around right now and take us back home!

Anyway, back to me. There are a few medications I take to prevent illness. When I don’t take them I feel bad, so I guess the money isn’t going to waste. Last Wednesday night (don’t forget your perspective), I noticed I forgot to refill a prescription. Last Thursday night I noticed the same thing – when I took the last pill from the bottle. I placed the refill order with my pharmacy on Friday, knowing it probably wouldn’t get filled before the weekend. I was out of refills and they were going to have to fax my doctor – who doesn’t work weekends, or Friday afternoons. As expected, I received an automated message from my pharmacy telling me they weren’t able to fill my script by the promised time (Friday afternoon). They told me they’d send another message when it was ready.

I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t get another message Friday night. I still wasn’t surprised when I didn’t get one on Saturday or Sunday. I was a little concerned when I didn’t get one on Monday, so Tuesday I called them to see what was up. By this time I was well schooled in the consequences of stopping meds without asking your doctor first. Well, not your doctor… why would I ask your doctor? Never mind. Tuesday I called the pharmacy and they told me it had been ready since Friday.

Come again? She might as well have reached through the phone, pulled the receiver from my head, and whacked me with it. I can’t decide what’s worse: forgetting to refill my script earlier, or being so easily duped by the pharmacy computer.

In the end I only missed a week of work. Hoo-ray for me.

This is the portion of the entry where I explain the easily pleased part. I warn you though, the bar was set pretty low.

I got a pleasant blast from my past in court yesterday morning. Early in the a.m. (relative to normal office hours) I got a call from our front desk letting me know our first arrival was here. I walked over and shook hands with someone I’d never met before.

Wow! That’s exciting! But wait, it gets better! This wasn’t your typical stranger, it was the spouse of someone I’d worked with when I first started – someone I’d enjoyed working with a great deal.

You’re probably thinking to your self: all this build up and it wasn’t even a celebrity – just some dude I’m a smidge closer to than Kevin Bacon? Hulk Hogan lives in the area, why couldn’t he stop by? Heck, there are a bunch of famous people hangin’ with the Scientologists downtown, maybe I should do lunch at the reading room. That would probably be good for a half a dozen posts right there. Ah, but then the title of this post wouldn’t be “easily pleased,” it’d be “John loses what’s left of his mind.”

What can I say? Instead of feeling sick, I got to reminisce about the good old days with someone I felt like I already knew. It was a nice little surprise. I like nice surprises.

Enough typing! It’s time for bed.

Give the gift of words.