Don’t you dare

It wasn’t exactly a surprise. Although I’d never seen it happen before, we’d known he’d done it recently at a friend’s house. Still, I was only able to stifle my response due to near superhuman control of my airways and vocal cords. I felt my diaphragm spasm, putting a fair bit of pressure on my lips and nose, but I’m proud of the fact I have a little self control.

Right in front of me, my forty-seven month old son called his sister a meat-head.

I’m so ashamed my first instinct was to laugh. What is it about kids misbehaving a certain way, usually for the first time, that I find so funny? It’s the novelty that’s the key. Usually by the second or third time this problem of mine cures itself. Unfortunately (in this case), Beth is no fool. I had a lot of explaining to do. She was not amused at all.

Give the gift of words.