Red Belt

Red Belt

Beth brought her new red belt home tonight. Now she starts down the home stretch to her black belt. In her school, red is the last colored belt. There are two intermediate levels which can take six months each to achieve before she’d begin final preparation to test for her black belt. She’s a little worried about having enough time to get in training, with her academic schedule already looking pretty full, but I’m trying to preach a wait and see approach. We’ll worry about it when we get there.

In the mean time, tonight was pretty cool. You should have seen her. She’s so proud.

So are we.

I would have taken this picture outdoors, like the previous pics, but the weather hasn’t been cooperating.


  1. Hey Stephen. It’s been really good for Beth. She did get a trophy, but in this case it wasn’t because she won something, like a competition. Her school doesn’t give out very many trophies, but one of the occasions is when a student gets to red or black belt. One of the things Beth was excited about was earning her first trophy.

    Becca: schools are probably different, but I know when Beth tested for her red belt last week there was a little guy testing for his first color belt who couldn’t have been older than five. He looked closer to four. One of the kids who was testing with Beth for red belt was seven.

  2. thats so cool. i think i am going to sign my son up for tae kwon do or karate this fall, if i can find a place that takes littles

    glad you survived this round of nature’s fury

  3. Well done. I like the idea of kids studying martial arts because it builds confidence and has so many other benefits. She looks like she’s holding a trophy; did she win something in addition to the belt?

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