There seems to be a pattern here


Would you believe me if I told you the two day forecast track doesn’t bother me either? Personally, this forecast seems like the worst one yet, and not just because it’s 48 hours out. As most residents of the gulf coast will tell you (many of us are amateur meteorologists), the northeast quadrant of the storm is typically the worst.

In any case, we’re now officially under a hurricane watch.

You’d think we’d have this down by now, but state emergency managers seem to have been a disorganized mess this weekend. First, they announced this morning that schools would be closed in the bay area tomorrow and Tuesday. Then they announced later this morning there was a mistake, and school officials were still meeting – presumably to make a decision. Then they announced schools would open as planned. Hillsborough and Pasco County schools open tomorrow, but Pinellas schools aren’t scheduled to open until Tuesday.

I’ve gotta tell you, that sounds awfully optimistic.

Image from the National Hurricane Center.

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