A warning to the uninitiated, or preaching to the chior

Syncing my iPhone with two different macs produced disastrous results. It all may have worked out if I hadn’t cancelled the sync on my PowerBook prematurely (having originally done all the sync work on the iMac).

Chalk number one up to the idiot user.

The second issue is a serious failing on Apple’s part. NO syncing of tasks from iCal… and no native task organization tool on the iPhone AT ALL! There are plenty of free apps to do the job, many of which don’t sync with a remote server (which is unacceptable to me… I CAN’T lose my tasks). The “enterprise” folks (and no, Kirk ain’t walking through that door) surely have their bases covered with oodles of options to sync with Outlook and Exchange servers. In the mean time, Apple has frakked over the faithful with no support for one of their own apps. (Full disclosure: it syncs iCal calendars really well… just not the tasks, or “to-do” lists.)

Third one may be a bit controversial (for all I know), but me love the landscape keyboard. It’s nice and wide for my fat fingers. It doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for screen above it, but hell, you only have the keyboard out when you’re entering text, then it disappears. The keyboard in portrait mode (which is the only option in most apps) is usable but frustrating… knowing there’s a landscape keyboard I love with all my heart and soul.

Don’t get me wrong though. The time I haven’t been in physical contact with the new phone can be counted in minutes (and not very many of them).

Give the gift of words.