State of mind

I’m not afraid to admit I’m feeling a little tired right now. First there was the whole holiday that wasn’t, then there’s the first day back at work that feels depressingly like I never left.

Someone please save me from myself!

You know how when you’re tired or depressed and every other little setback feels like you’ve dropped off an emotional cliff? This morning I became one of those people that checks his email in the bathroom (pathetic enough all by itself), noticed I wasn’t getting a signal, and felt like crying.

So what if I was surrounded by rebar and concrete, in the bowels of a government office… this is a fracking iPhone, for the love of Jobs!

And if it doesn’t stop auto-capitalizing the first word after every stinking one of my il-conceived ellpsis, I’m going to go out of my freaking mind (that or do something completly irrational like turning off the auto-correct “feature”).

Give the gift of words.