Breathing easier, for now

We’ve officially shunned the ortho guy, and the surgery set for this week has been cancelled. Cheryl made the decision after speaking with one of the medical experts in the family, and a local neuro gal.

The family connection is a neuro guy and not local. I’m not trying to be sexist, just a little cute… and I want to make sure you know I’m talking about two different people… in case you’re still reading.

Most importantly, the new doctor has prescribed two drugs that have made an immediate improvement in Cheryl’s quality of life. Translation: she can sit up, stand, move around, and most encouraging: she can laugh. It’s a little chilly out on the front porch this evening, but saying that last phrase warmed me right up. Next up on the medical calendar of events is a “selective nerve root injection,” designed to ease the pain in the hope that everything will calm down enough for the disk to heal itself. (At least I think that’s the idea.)

I’m just happy we’re not jumping straight into surgery and Cheryl’s feeling a little better.

By the way, isn’t it cute the way I refer to what “we’re” doing?

Give the gift of words.